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Melanie has appeared on screen several times and has also provided historic content for television programmes, including ‘Britain’s Secret Homes’ for ITV in 2013. Melanie first appeared on television on the appointment of her role as house historian for Chesterton in 2006, featuring on ITN London Tonight.

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A House Through Time – BBC Two
Development consultant
(with TwentyTwenty Productions)
January 2018


















BBC London News
Speaking about the history of 1930s houses
16 August 2017


Wicked Inventions, Series 1 and 2 (Definition Media)
Broadcast on ViaSat across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

Glam UK
‘Discovering London with House Historian Melanie Backe-Hansen’
June 2017

The Chiswick Calendar
Discover the history of your house with Melanie Backe-Hansen
13 August 2016

The Chiswick Calendar
Know the stories of the people who lived in your house before you?
29 August 2016

The Family History Show – Special Feature
Interview with Nick Barratt on house history


The Family History Show – Episode 10
House histories – interview with Laura Berry


Hampstead House Histories – April 2009
Short film of event at Kenwood House discussing house histories 

(I first appear at around 1 minute)



Melanie has also appeared several times on radio and taken part in several online interviews and recordings.


BBC Radio 4 – 23 August 2017
‘You & Yours’ consumer affairs programme
The history of houses in context of new research regarding our dream home from Halifax Insurance
(I appear at 29:50)

BBC Radio – 14 December 2015
Mark Forrest programme

Discussing discovering hidden treasures in houses and researching the history of houses

Share Radio – 6 October 2015
“UK home to close to half a million historically listed properties – what does that mean for owners?”
Discussing house histories and listed properties in London

‘Give Your Property Soul’ online summit – July 2015
‘Mel Backe-Hansen – Home Historian’
Discussing how knowing your house’s history can impact and guide how you feel about your home, as well as inspire you in how to decorate it today.

The Genealogy Professional Podcast – June 2014
‘Melanie Backe-Hansen – UK House Historian’
Discussing house histories and being a house historian in the UK.

Mobilising London’s Housing Histories conference – June 2013
Centre for Metropolitan History – Institute of Historical Research
‘Living on the Shaftesbury Park Estate’
Hear my session here

BBC World Service – June 2012
‘Song by Song by London: Part One’
Discussing the history of houses in the context of the history of London and in reference to the song ‘ If It Wasn’t For The ‘Ouses in Between’ by music hall legend Gus Elen.

Melanie has appeared on several other BBC radio programmes discussing the history of houses, including BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Lincolnshire in 2013, BBC Radio Wales in June 2011 and BBC Radio London in April 2007. She also appeared on BBC World Service in 2012 on the eve of the 2012 Olympics discussing the history of the Olympic site in east London.