Archive 2006 – 2010

The Times
‘The House Historian – expert section’
17 October 2010

The Times
‘Houses with the Write Stuff’
24 September 2010

Homes & Travel
‘A Home with History’
July 2010

The Times
‘Shaw House is a classic beauty in Wiltshire’
26 February 2010

The Telegraph
‘Tudor houses: historical drama’
16 February 2010

History Today
‘Walking through history: Chelsea then and now’
January 2010

History Today
‘Benjamin Disraeli, Sir John Soane…and the Lord who stole slippers’
20 October 2009

Prime Location
‘Agents online: Chesterton Humberts’ blogging historian’
25 August 2009

Daily Mail
‘Looking for literary inspiration? Why not consider the home of a great wordsmith?’
August 2009

The Rat and Mouse
‘House Historian – the rat and mouse interview’
31 July 2009

The New York Times
‘Can you Put a Price tag on History?’
June 2009
‘Historic Homes: Cheyne Walk’
25 March 2009

The Telegraph
‘Property historian – Meet the house detective’
28 October 2008

The Telegraph
‘Whitehall Court: Don’t Judge me – judge my building’
22 January 2008

Daily Mail – 
‘Can your home’s history boost its value?’
18 January 2008 

The Times
‘Social mobility – One home’s history: 29 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London’
November 2007

The Sunday Times
‘Top Hole, Jeeves – The former home of PG Wodehouse is ideal for a latterday Bertie Wooster’
17 June 2007

The Financial Times
‘Living with the Past’
15 June 2007
‘Historically Speaking’
5 March 2007

The Sunday Times
‘Step into Orwell’s original Room 101’
22 October 2006