“This history…is already a family treasure. I’m sorry you weren’t with us to see the birthday gift presentation … best present EVER! Your work is exquisite and thorough. Thank you so much.”
Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman, London

“Melanie completed an excellent report which I had commissioned from her on the history of a group of 15th century cottages at Mells in Somerset which constitute one of the earliest examples of what would now be called ‘town planning’. With thorough research, alongside images of old maps and documents, Melanie produced a highly professional and informative document. I would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking research services or wanting to know more about the history of their house or other properties of historical significance .”
Raymond Asquith, Earl of Oxford, Somerset

“Mel produced a wonderfully vivid account of the history of our house dating back to 1805. Her research was detailed and meticulous, her prose engaging, and all backed up with original photographs and engravings of the house itself as well as fascinating entries in public records of the time. I was so delighted with Mel’s work; it has brought our house to life. We now have a marvellous historical document to hand down to our children and grandchildren.”
Neil Calver, QC, London

“Mel Backe-Hansen was very helpful in our opening discussion in narrowing the timescale for my 350 year-old house. Despite the scarce resource material she persevered and produced a clear and informative history of the house and its occupants. Following her report she was very helpful with further explanation about the likely context and circumstances in which the house was built. I have ended up with a much clearer idea about my house and its history and the exercise has been very worthwhile.”
Julie Davenport, Oxfordshire

“[We] LOVED the book – it’s a very special reminder of [our] very special home.”
Steph Wetherell, Berkshire